plot for sale, forested land - Lõupõllu, Saaremaa vald, Saaremaa

5, 53 hektarit metsamaad

Plot area 5.5 ha

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3 katastriüksust kogupindalaga 5,53 ha, Puistute tagavara 1016 tm. Katastritunnused: 80701:001:0111, 80701:001:0112, 80701:001:0113

3 cadastral units with a total area of 5.53 ha, reserves of 1016 tm. Cadastral identifiers: 80701:001:0111, 80701:001:0112, 80701:001:0113

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Martin Tammejuur
Martin Tammejuur User is verified
Metsamaahalduse AS
105 000 € 1.90 €/m²
Land plot for sale
Land plot for sale
Ground area 55300 m²
Part of register number 31034
Energy mark -
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