plot for sale, land-profit land - Kuusiku, Lilbi, Saaremaa vald, Saaremaa

Plot for sale close to the city!

Plot area 5329


Planning permissions have been issued for the plot:
- A building may be planned in the north-eastern part of the property, 10 m from the north-eastern boundary of the property, parallel or perpendicular to it.
- The distance between the building and the south-eastern and north-western boundaries shall be a minimum of 5 m.
- A building with a maximum floor area of 106.5 m² may be designed on the property.
- Buildings of less than 20 m² (small buildings) are free construction.
- The building may be one or partially two storeys (with a attic). The maximum height of buildings is 8.0 m above the ground.
- Buildings to be designed with pitched roofs, roof pitch 20-25.
- Water supply and drainage to be provided locally.
If you would like to know more about all the conditions, please contact us!

The distance from the centre of Kuressaare is 7 minutes by car to the south-east.
The centre of Auriga is only 4km away.


Through LAAM Kinnisvara you can also get help with issues directly related to real estate, such as: insurance, moving, locksmith services, energy labeling, security services, lighting solutions, interior design, kitchen and living room furniture, household appliances, curtains, sauna accessories, sanitary equipment, etc..Please contact us for more information. Be sure to ask for more information and check here:

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LAAM Kinnisvara OÜ
LAAM Kinnisvara OÜ
43 000 € 8.07 €/m²
Land plot for sale
Land plot for sale
Ground area 5329 m²
ownership form private property


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Example loan payment

Loan period: 20 y
Self-financing: 30%
Interest from: 3,5%