house for rent, 3 bedrooms - Rehemäe, Pädaste, Muhu vald, Saaremaa

250 euros 1 night, for 1 month and more - 1200 euros per month.

Private property, wooden house, total area 137.5 m²

Kitchen: stove heated with firewood, refridgerator, kitchen furniture
Sanitary arrangements: sauna, water boiler, separate toilet room and bathroom, shower
Heating and ventilation: air to air heat pump, electric heating, fireplace, geothermic heating
Additional information: separate rooms, parking not free parking, water, TV-set, furniture, electricity
Communications and security: neighbourhood watch
Neighbourhood: surrounding buildings private houses, water body meri 100 m, location outside settlement location

Hous for rent in Saaremaa that are suitable for year-round living

250 euros 1 night, for 1 month and more - 1200 euros per month.

Saare maakond, Muhu vald, Pädaste küla, Rehemäe

Plot area 6.02 ha
The building area of the house is 137.5m2
Type of energy source: wood, air heat + electricity
4 bedrooms and a total of 8-10 beds.

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Kaanon Kinnisvarabüroo OÜ
Kaanon Kinnisvarabüroo OÜ
250 € 1.82 €/m²
House for rent
House for rent
Rooms 5
Bedrooms 3
total area 137.5 m²
Number of floors 2
Built in year 2013
Condition all brand-new
ownership form private property
Ground area 2300 m²
Energy mark Missing


Example loan payment

Loan period: 20 y
Self-financing: 30%
Interest from: 3,5%