apartment for sale, 2 rooms - Mustamäe tee 118, Mustamäe, Tallinn, Harjumaa

NB! This object is no more active!

Apartment ownership, panel house

Additional information: balcony 2.5 m², parking free parking, packet windows, closed balcony
Kitchen: gas stove, refridgerator, kitchen furniture
Sanitary arrangements: new sewerage system, bath, washing machine
Heating and ventilation: central heating
Communications and security: Internet, frontdoor locked, steel door
Neighbourhood: roads in good condition roads, neighbours around neighbours

Vaikne koht, aknad hoovi poole, ühele poolele.
Olemas kelder.
Korter vajab renoveerimist, toad on läbikäidavad.

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86 900 € 1 984 €/m²
Apartment for sale
Apartment for sale www.kv.ee/en/3577776
Rooms 2
total area 43.8 m²
Floor/Number of floors 4/5
Built in year 1964
Condition needs renovating
ownership form apartment ownership
Cadastre no. 78405:501:3420
Energy mark E
Utilities summer/winter 60 € / 120 €
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Object inside info 14.99€ / 24
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Example loan payment

Loan period: 20 y
Self-financing: 30%
Interest from: 3,5%