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The home loan is offered by Swedbank AS, life Insurance by Swedbank Life Insurance SE. Read the conditions and contact a bank employee. The initial annual percentage rate is 2,331 %: credit amount € 68 000; interest rate of 6-month Euribor + 2,20% per annum; the repayment term is 30 years with 360 repayments totalling 93 320,83 €. The total cost of credit is 26 000,83 € and payable is 94 000,83. The loan agreement is secured with a mortgage and home insurance must be entered into when taking out the loan.

* By changing the term of the loan and/or the size of the downpayment, the other sample loan payments in the advertisements also change.

Example loan payment

Loan period: 20 y
Self-financing: 30%
Interest from: 3,5%