house for sale - Veeääre, Ohessaare, Saaremaa vald, Saaremaa

Merevaade oma hoovist.

Private property, wooden house, house area 47.7 m², total area 70.7 m²

Additional information: electricity, roof asbestos cement roof
Neighbourhood: water body sea near

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Merevaatega vana talukoht. Hooned vajavad kapitaalremonti.

Alal kehtib Torgu ramma-alade osaüldplaneering. Seal samuti on ehituskeeluvööndit vähendatud selliselt, et maaüksus asub ehituskeeluvööndist väljas. Üldplaneeringu alusel on küll välja toodud, et ehitusõiguse saab maaüksus, mis on vähemalt 1 ha suurune, aga kuna see maaüksus on moodustatud enne üldplaneeringu kehtestamist ja on juba hoonestatud, siis uue hoone ehitusõigus projekteerimistingimustega.

Old farmhouse with sea view. The buildings need major repairs.

The partial general plan of Torgu ramma areas applies to the area. There, too, the construction ban zone has been reduced in such a way that the land unit is located outside the construction ban zone. On the basis of the master plan, it has been stated that a land unit with a size of at least 1 ha will receive the building right, but since this land unit was formed before the establishment of the master plan and has already been built, the right to build a new building is subject to design conditions.

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Meruud Kinnisvara
Meruud Kinnisvara
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84 000 € 1 188 €/m²
House for sale
House for sale
Rooms 3
total area 70.7 m²
Number of floors 1
Built in year 1910
Readiness ready
ownership form private property
Ground area 3873 m²
Cadastre no. 80701:001:0613
Part of register number 772434
Energy mark Missing
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