plot for sale - Muraja, Saaremaa vald, Saaremaa

Plot area 159946

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Müüki on tulnud Saaremaa idaosasse jääv kinnistu.
Kinnistu koosneb kolmest katastriüksusest.
Ühel katastriüksustest asub ka vana hoone vundament.

Kinnistut koormab ostueesõigus Eesti Vabariigi kasuks.

A property in the eastern part of Saaremaa has come up for sale.
The property consists of three cadastral units.
The foundation of an old building is also located on one of the cadastral units.

The property is encumbered by the right of pre-emption in favor of the Republic of Estonia.

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28 000 € 0.18 €/m²
Land plot for sale
Land plot for sale
Ground area 159946 m²
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Object inside info 14.99€ / 24
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