house for sale - Pärsama, Saaremaa vald, Saaremaa

Pärsama mõisa kõrtsihoone, müüa või rentida

Stone house, total area 158 m²

Additional information: farm building, box-room, electricity, public transport
Sanitary arrangements: sewerage, urban water
Heating and ventilation: air to air heat pump, conditioner
Communications and security: Internet, phone
Neighbourhood: surrounding buildings private houses, location in the center location, roads paved roads

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99 000 € 627 €/m²
House for sale
House for sale
total area 158 m²
Number of floors 1
Condition satisfactory
Readiness ready
Ground area 1185 m²
Cadastre no. 40302:003:0042
Part of register number 976434
Energy mark -
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Example loan payment

Loan period: 20 y
Self-financing: 30%
Interest from: 3,5%