commercial premises for rent, warehouse, industry, industry, warehouse, 214 m² - Kaevu põik 3, Kuressaare linn, Saaremaa vald, Saaremaa

Kuressaare linnas köetavad lao/tootmispinnad

Total area 214 m², stone house

Additional information: electricity, garage, cloakroom, separate entryway, street entrance
Sanitary arrangements: shower
Heating and ventilation: electric heating, air to air heat pump
Communications and security: Internet, video cameras

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Võimalik rentida erineva suurusega pindasid- Kõige väiksem saadaval pind ca 100m2 ja suurem ruum ca 300m2. Kokku pinda ca 850m2. Vastavalt rentniku soovile saame ruume "kohandada" ja/või omavahel liita. Mõned ruumid on kõrgemate lagedega ja mõned madalamate lagedega, kuhu valdavalt tõstustega sissepääs. Telfer puudub.
Hoones elekter, vesi, küte, kanalisatasioon, suruõhu süsteem pneumotarvikutele, WC, olmeruumid, internet, valvekaamerad.
Soovi korral saame pakkuda ka väliterritooriumil näiteks kauba ladutamiseks pinda ja kahveltõstuki rentimise võimalust.
Hoones käimas remonttööd, pannakse uus valgustus, uksed jms. Kokkuleppel kohandame ruume vastavalt soovile.
Hind kokkuleppel 3-5eur /m2 , sõltuvalt renditavast pinnast, perioodist jne.

It is possible to rent spaces of different sizes - The smallest available space is approx. 100m2 and the largest space is approx. 300m2. Total area approx. 850m2. According to the tenant's wishes, we can "customize" and/or merge the rooms. Some rooms have higher ceilings and some have lower ceilings, mostly accessible by elevators. There is no lift.
The building has electricity, water, heating, sewerage, compressed air system for pneumatic accessories, WC, utility rooms, internet, surveillance cameras.
If desired, we can also offer space for storing goods and the option of renting a forklift in the outdoor area.
Renovations are underway in the building, new lighting, doors, etc. will be installed. Upon agreement, we will adjust the rooms according to your wishes.
Price by agreement 3-5eur/m2, depending on the area to be rented, period, etc.

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856 € 4 €/m²
Commercial premises for rent
Commercial premises for rent
total area 214 m²
Number of floors 1
Condition satisfactory
Cadastre no. 34901:012:0120
Part of register number 2234134
Energy mark -
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